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Tuning Boxes

Tuning Boxes

Benefit from more power and MPG gains without the need for an Engine Control Unit (or ECU) remap with an easy-to-install tuning box. It connects to the existing wiring in your vehicle and does not require any wires to be cut. This makes it a popular choice for lease vehicles and company cars.


Our knowledgeable technicians will be able to help you select a tuning box best suited to your vehicle and budget, and get you the most power in the safest way possible. We have a wide selection that are all easy-to-install and transfer between vehicles, and we’d be more than happy to install it for you free of charge.


Increase power and torque

A tuning box is a small device that connects to your engine bay to boost your engine’s power, torque and fuel efficiency. It works in parallel with your ECU and can be adjusted to streamline your engine to significantly improve your vehicle’s power and performance.


Fuel savings

Engines that can carry out their tasks whilst using less fuel are more efficient. The increased power and torque delivered by your tuning box will ensure that your vehicle is providing the greatest possible gains for the lowest possible fuel.


Complete peace of mind

Our tuning boxes are manufactured to very high standards and always sit behind your vehicle’s ECU, which will safeguard against any potential damage.


And we’re so confident in the quality of our tuning boxes they come with a free five-year warranty or a full lifetime warranty if you keep it in the same vehicle.

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