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Engine Carbon Clean

Engine Carbon Clean

Revitalise your engine

Using the latest in hydrogen technology, our innovative Engine Carbon Clean is a quick and safe way to completely revitalise your engine. Our experienced technicians offer a friendly and professional service that can be completed while you wait.


The benefits

By removing the harmful carbon build-up from your engine and components, you’ll enjoy an enhanced, smoother driving experience with increased power and less vibrations. As well as preventing any costly issues arising from a build-up of carbon deposits, you will also benefit from:


  • Restored power
  • Improved engine responsiveness
  • Restored torque
  • Lower emissions
  • Fuel savings


The results are immediate, noticeable and long-lasting.

The process

Our Engine Carbon Clean is suitable for any petrol or diesel engine, including cars, motorcycles, vans and commercial vehicles. We’ll pump hydrogen through your engine system burning away any carbon deposits. The whole process is clean and safe, using no harmful chemicals or additives and no dismantling of parts.


Book your Engine Carbon Clean now!

To book your Engine Carbon Clean now please call our friendly team on 07867 411153 or enter your details below and we’ll get back to you.

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