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DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

For optimum performance

Your diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is designed to remove soot from the exhaust gas of your engine. Through a process called regeneration this soot is burnt off. Our DPF Cleaning service cleans DPFs that have become blocked due to a build-up of soot caused by faults that don’t allow regeneration to occur, ensuring optimum performance for your diesel engine.


Why choose us?

As we are part of the exclusive DPF Doctor network, our skilled technicians are kept at the cutting-edge of diagnostic procedures with a continued training and support program. Using multiple professional diagnostics tools, we will quickly and accurately identify any DPF problems and fix any faults that are identified as the cause. We can also offer sound advice on getting the best out of a vehicle equipped with a DPF.

The three-stage process

Our professional service is carried out by qualified technicians, taking around two hours to complete. 


  1. Analysis and diagnostics
    Before initiating a DPF clean, our first step is to check all key components and sensors are functioning correctly. And by ensuring that we have these in-stock, if your problem is down to a component failure we’re able to get you back on the road in no time at all.
  1. The Clean

To clean your DPF we inject a carbon cleaning solution into the DPF pressure line using our specialist cleaning system. A soak period is then initiated and the engine is run at a fast idle to allow the soak fluid to clean the carbon content of the DPF. The final stage of this step is to inject a cleaning flush solution twice during an engine fast idle cycle.

  1. Live data and analysis

Live data is finally analysed during a road test or DPF regeneration and parameter checks then log DPF back pressure readings. These are all reported back to you for your peace of mind.


Book your DPF Clean now!

To book your Engine Carbon Clean now please call our friendly team on 078674 11153 or enter your details below and we’ll get back to you.

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