Vale Performance | 5 effective ways to look after your car in 2018 – from engine remapping to carbon cleaning
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5 effective ways to look after your car in 2018 – from engine remapping to carbon cleaning

5 effective ways to look after your car in 2018 – from engine remapping to carbon cleaning

new-years-eve-2900120__340Is looking after your car your New Year resolution?

It’s no good cleaning and buffing the outside without looking after the inside.

So, here are our top 5 ways to show your engine some love in 2018:


  1. Get your car an engine carbon clean

This is an excellent way to revitalise your car’s engine.

It removes the built-up carbon in the engine, meaning its parts work better and performance is improved.

It’s more responsive, you get more power, you save money on fuel, and reduce the emissions your engine gives off.

It also helps prevent parts seizing up and wearing out quickly


  1. Get your car an ECU remapping

You can fine-tune the performance of your engine by remapping the engine control unit, or ECU.

The chip controls the way your engine operates.

It can help you get better fuel economy, a smoother drive, better response on the throttle, and improved torque.

The remap tweaks the parameters set by the car’s manufacturers, including the timing and fuel to air ratio.

Find out all you need to know about engine remapping here.


  1. Get your DPF filter cleaned

This is a process where soot is removed from the filter dealing with the engine exhaust in a diesel engine.

Its important because diesel vehicles produce high level of cancer-causing compounds and nitrogen oxides in their exhaust emissions.

Emissions can cause respiratory problems. Diesel particulate filters help get those particles out of the air we breathe.

If your filter is blocked, it is less effective and can have a disastrous effect on the running of your vehicle.

Find out how to keep your filter in a healthy condition here.


  1. Get a new tuning box

This is a relatively simple way of improving your engine performance.

A box can fit into your existing wiring, and is a good option for company cars and leased vehicles.

It will give you increased power and torque, and help save money on fuel as your engine runs more efficiently.


  1. Take advantage of the latest in vehicle diagnostics

Whether you’re worried about that nagging warning light when the engine turns on or you want to see where you can improve performance, using the latest diagnostic software will help you get the most out of your car in the next 12 months.

It reads the error codes issued for every single specific fault your engine’s control unit discovers, giving you all the information you need to improve your engine’s performance.


Need some help or advice on how you could improve your car’s performance in 2018? Talk to one of our Eco Techs experts. Call us on 07867 41153.


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