Vale Performance | Why is your car’s EGR valve so important – and what can you do to protect it?
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Why is your car’s EGR valve so important – and what can you do to protect it?

ECOIf your car is struggling to accelerate, you have knocking in your engine, or you have a lack of power, the problems could be caused by a valve which is key to engine performance.

The valve controlling your EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) is an important part of your car’s engine. It controls the amount of nitrogen oxide emitted into the atmosphere by petrol and diesel engines by recycling part of the exhaust gas back into the engine cylinders.

This dilutes the oxygen in the engine’s air stream and ensures inert gases absorb heat from the combustion in the engine. In other words, it helps reduce engine temperature.

An EGR system which is operating properly can improve the efficiency of an engine.

Take care of your EGR valve and system, and you can help reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Allow the valve to become clogged, and you can accelerate that wear and tear and affect the performance of your car.

What can happen if the EGR valve malfunctions?

If it is ineffective, you can hear the engine knocking and pinging as you accelerate.

The valve becomes dirty with carbon build-up over time, and can become stuck in an open or closed position.

A faulty valve can affect your car’s performance and speed, and it may lead to problems when the engine is idling. You could find the car stalls.

You will definitely hear that your engine is having problems.

An EGR valve problem could also see your car failing its emissions test at MOT.

What can you do?

The latest diagnostic tests will show you where your problem lies.

Sometimes, your EGR valve can be cleaned and your engine will then run efficiently. Cleaner can be sprayed on the valve or for hardened deposits, the valve can be removed and soaked in the cleaning fluid.

On other occasions, you will need to replace the EGR valve because there is an electrical fault, for example.

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How can engine remapping help take care of your EGR valve?

It’s vital that anyone turning off your EGR and removing the running issues with it by remapping the software is experienced and knows how to disable the valve correctly.

However, reprogramming your engine’s control unit could improve the valve’s functioning and will:

  • Reduce your fuel consumption
  • Help prevent faults in the engine gas recirculation system
  • Restore fuel economy and the power of your engine
  • Improve your car’s throttle response
  • Lower your engine temperatures
  • Help lengthen the life of your engine

Need expert advice on how to care for your EGR valve and system, or engine remapping? Talk to our experienced EcoTechs technicians. Call us on 07867 411153. See what our customers think of our service here.


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