Vale Performance | 5 important reasons to get your car an Engine Carbon Clean
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5 important reasons to get your car an Engine Carbon Clean

5 important reasons to get your car an Engine Carbon Clean

car-exhaust-1902909__340Tired of a sluggish car?

Lower MPG than you used to get?

Want it to start more efficiently in the morning, or for it to stop sounding rough when it’s idling?

Maybe it’s time to book it in for an engine carbon clean – a cost-effective engine treatment which could transform your car’s performance.

 What are the key benefits of an engine carbon clean?

  1. It restores your fuel economy – thanks to a cleaner more efficient system.
  1. It helps restore your engine’s power and torque – losing that feeling of a sluggish drive.
  1. It helps reduce the speed oil degrades – and that means you need fewer oil checks and will save money on servicing.
  1. It improves engine efficiency – and that means lower emissions, which helps your car get through its MOT and is great for the environment.
  1. It benefits petrol and diesel engines.

Would your car pass a roadside emissions test?

Carbon is left when any fossil fuel is burned – including petrol and diesel.

Just like we need to clean out gas boilers and chimneys over an open fire, for the most efficient heating, we also need to clean our engines to get the best level of efficiency.

A dirty engine means a car isn’t as thermally efficient as a car with a clean engine.

Older cars tend to have more carbon and sludge build up than newer cars.

Carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and on pistons will drive up hydro carbon emissions.

There are detailed regulations governing air quality pollutant emissions limits for new cars.

You can find them here.

For older vehicles, there is the emissions test during the MOT.

If your car fails, it fails the MOT and the problem must be fixed and your car re-tested before you can get a certificate.

You may also be tested on the roadside. If your car fails, you will be given a prohibition notice and you have 10 days to fix the problem. If it isn’t fixed, you can be prosecuted.

If the emissions are seriously over the legal limit, the prohibition can come into effect immediately and you can face immediate prosecution.

In some council-declared air quality management areas, you can be tested at the roadside and face a fixed penalty fine. Your local authority will tell you if there are AQMAs in your area.

How does an engine carbon clean work?

The cleaning machine is connected to the engine by special adapters, temporarily replacing the fuel supply system.

A mixture of safe carbon cleaning chemicals and fuel is circulated through the system while the engine is off, removing the carbon as it passes.

Impurities are caught in the machine’s filter and taken out of the system

Then, the chemicals are passed through the injection chamber and into the combustion chamber as the vehicle’s engine runs.

It dislodges the carbon deposits and they pass out of the engine and through the exhaust.

The clean can be performed while you wait.

Need advice on an engine carbon clean in Wales and the West of England? Call our experienced team today on 07867 411153. Read more about our services here.


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