Vale Performance | Will your lorry pass the new roadside emissions test?
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Will your lorry pass the new roadside emissions test?

Will your lorry pass the new roadside emissions test?

traffic-2251530__340Lorry drivers face big changes in the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) roadside tests from next month.

In August, DVSA officials will be looking for drivers and fleet operators who attempt to cheat emissions tests.

They and their European counterparts have already found:

  • drivers using devices to stop the working of systems for emissions control
  • some drivers bypassing, or even removing, exhaust recirculation valves
  • lorry drivers using fake devices for emission reduction or the reduction of diesel exhaust fluid
  • illegal modifications in engines giving drivers excessive emissions
  • drivers who have removed the trap or filter for diesel particulate

If lorries fail the test, drivers and operators will have ten days to get the matter fixed or the DVSA could issue fines and stop the lorry being used on the road.

If they find repeat offenders, they can take lorries off the road immediately.

They will also pass on details to the UK’s Traffic Commissioners who can review HGV and operators’ licences.

The DVSA aims to improve Britain’s air quality – a topic which has been the subject of high-profile court cases in recent months.

After the UK failed to meet European safe levels for air pollution, campaigners have won court cases forcing the government to comply with European law and create a plan to deal with the problem.

The government has until July 31 to publish its final plan.

The DVSA’s chief executive Gareth Llewellyn warned: “Anyone who flouts the law is putting other road users, and the quality of our air, at risk. We won’t hesitate to take these drivers, operators and vehicles off our roads.”


How can you ensure your lorries pass?

Don’t turn to illegal methods to pass the new tests. We have engine conditioning services which can help you including:

  • Diagnostics – using the latest technology to pinpoint the source of your problems.
  • Engine carbon clean – this will help lower your emissions and make your engine run more smoothly by removing carbon build-up from your engine and its components.
  • Diesel particulate filter cleaning – removing soot from the exhaust gases produced by your engine.
  • Cleaning or replacing exhaust gas recirculation valves – they can become blocked with carbon deposits.


Want to stay a step ahead of the DVSA? Call our experienced team today on 07867 411153. Read more about our services here.

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